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Arkote abrasive blasting services are an industrial-strength solution for preparing metals for the finishing process. Our skilled blasting team operates a dedicated enclosed and dust controlled blast chamber designed to handle a variety of shapes and sizes up to lengths of 10 metres and widths of 3 metres easily. Larger items can be processed, but take further planning. 

An appropriate Blast medium of the customer's choice could include Australian garnet, steel grit, copper slag, soda blast or glass beads.

Any blasting carried out by Arkote is in accordance with Australian standards by our qualified operators to meet your requirements:

  • AS 1627.4

  • SSPC – Nace

We can Conduct:

  • High pressure blasting to achieve profiles suitable for industrial work;

  • Medium pressure to minimise damage to hot dip galvanised coatings;

  • Ultra low pressure on thin panels and delicate substrates.

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