At Arkote, listening to our customer's stories and finding out what made them choose to have us complete their projects with our quality coating services is very rewarding.

Ian Makings is the owner of Ben Wye Engineering. Ian’s business produces agriculture machinery for the agriculture industry. As industries go, agriculture demands a lot from its machinery and structures. Many of the machines and structures responsible for this operate non-stop or can be under extreme stress from different weather conditions all year round.

To provide quality surface protection to agriculture machinery, aesthetic’s are just the tip of an iceberg. Ian and his team of dedicated individuals made a smart move and turned to Arkote to find the right surface finishing solution for their machinery.

Over the years they have had several issues with contamination and slow drying paint in the Adelaide Hills. Arkote were pleased to be able to provide a high-quality finish for Ian, a perfect solution to their problem.


Our relationship with Ben Wye Engineering is now a successful partnership of 6 years and counting.

Tuffkote by Arkote


Our Tuffkote process is what gives Ben Wye’s machinery their unmistakable colour and protection longevity.


Our powder coating process uses the latest technological advances in finishing and provides a number of benefits such as:

  • Outstanding appearance;

  • Resistance to heavy abuse;

  • Prevention of corrosion, chemical attacks & stains;

  • UV & Colour Stability;

  • Excellent performance and durability;

  • A better option for the environment.

Business Owner
Ian Makings


"Arkote Tuffkote coating system is second to none actually. Their pick-up and delivery services brilliant. It’s actually lifted our whole product range".