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Listening to our customers' stories and understanding why they chose us to complete their projects is one of the most rewarding experiences we have at Arkote.

Ian Makings is the owner of Ben Wye Engineering. His business specialises in producing agricultural machinery that operates continuously under extreme conditions throughout the year.

Providing quality surface protection for agricultural machinery is more than just about aesthetics. Over the years, Ben Wye Engineering faced various issues with contamination and slow-drying paint in the Adelaide Hills. Consequently, Ian turned to Arkote for the right surface finishing solution. Arkote was pleased to provide a high-quality finish using the Tuffkote Powder Coating System - a perfect solution to their problem.

Ian appreciates that we not only produce high-quality finishes for his agricultural machinery but also offer reliable pick-up and delivery of his goods. With this care, he receives his products on time, defect-free, exactly as agreed.

Our partnership with Ben Wye Engineering has been successful for six years and continues to thrive.

Tuffkote by Arkote


Our Tuffkote process is what gives Ben Wye’s machinery their unmistakable colour and protection longevity.


This powder coating system uses the latest technological advances in finishing and provides a number of benefits such as:

  • Outstanding appearance;

  • Resistance to heavy abuse;

  • Prevention of corrosion, chemical attacks & stains;

  • UV & Colour Stability;

  • Excellent performance and durability;

  • A better option for the environment.

Business Owner
Ian Makings


Arkote's Tuffkote coating system is truly second to none. Their pick-up and delivery services are brilliant. It has actually lifted our whole product range.

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