At Arkote, listening to our customers stories and finding out why they choose to have us complete their projects with our quality coating services is very rewarding.

Our partners -  Kelly Engineering, are located near Booleroo Centre in the region of South Australia. They specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of disc chain tillage equipment for consumption in Australia, North America, Europe, Africa and many other countries.

As agricultural equipment has advanced, coating technology for this demanding market has improved along with it. The agricultural equipment industry is being driven by customer demand for a class “A” finish that looks exceptional and provides the maximum protection they need. Kelly Engineering had problems with surface preparation before they made the smart decision to let Arkote provide an answer for them.

Kelly‘s team of dedicated individuals discovered that sandblasting was a better option to clean and prepare agricultural machinery surfaces before top coating. Following further investigation, the desicion was made to replace wet spray with powder coating. To withstand the high demand of agricultural machinery - Arkote‘s Tuffkote quality coating system was a perfect solution to their problem.

Our relationship with Kelly Engineering is now a successful partnership of 3 years and counting.



Our Tuffkote process is what gives Kelly's machinery their unmistakable colour and protection longevity.


Our powder coating process uses the latest technological advances in finishing and provides a number of benefits such as:

  • Outstanding appearance;

  • Resistance to heavy abuse;

  • Prevention of corrosion, chemical attacks & stains;

  • UV & Colour Stability;

  • Excellent performance and durability;

  • A better option for the environment.

Research & Innovation Manager
Luke Ellery

Since we’ve partnered with Arkote to deliver our products, the team has been excellent to deal with. Second to their commitment on delivering high quality surface prep and coating for our Agricultural manufacturing needs - they’re customer first approach has meant we’ve been able to establish a process that works with our supply chain. These smooth working relationships are critical for our business to focus on the important challenges we face. They stand by their commitments on delivery a top-quality coating service from PO to delivery!

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