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We're excited about this specific project as our customer was looking for a surface coating system that looks outstanding and last a long time on steel panels for a new Hamel Bridge sign.

Our customer decided on a smart move and turned to Arkote to find a solution!

For this project we used Ultrakote by Arkote - a protective three layer surface coating system. This system combines zinc rich primer with an extra step of application of a modified epoxy intermediate layer, finished with the quality polyester topcoat of your choice. In this case: Pearl White Gloss & Heritage Green.


Location: Northern Expressway & Penfield Road, Penfield, 5121


In the photo: Blasted Panels Ready for Top Coating

Key Benefits of Ultrakote by Arkote coating system


  • High Durability;

  • Eco - Friendly;

  • Ultra-strong corrosion protection;

  • Excellent appearance with a thicker and smoother finish, due to the 3 layers of coating;

  • Can be completed in a multitude of finishes, textures, colours, metallics and gloss levels to meet even the most demanding visual or aesthetic standards.


In the photo: Steel Panels in the Process of Top Coating

processed (3).jpeg

In the photo: Final Result


In the photo: Black VIP Gaming Lounge Doors  

In the photo: Final Result  

A Little bit of Story About Hamel Bridge

Some of Australia's important battles have been recognised as some of the bridges were named in Adelaide. One of them is Hamel Bridge. The bridge commemorates the Battle of Hamel which occurred in World War One.

The Battle of Hamel was a successful attack by the Australian Army and United States of America Army infantry, supported by British tanks, against German positions in and around the town of Le Hamel, in northern France. The attack was planned and commanded by Lieutenant General John Monash, commander of the Australian Corps. 

Source: MA


In the photo: New Hamel Bridge Sign Top Coated by Arkote

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