Refractakote by Arkote heat resistant powder coatings protects surfaces exposed to prolonged temperatures that reach up to 550°C.

Refractakote by Arkote is a high temperature powder coating that is silicone based and free from volatile organic compounds (VOC's), making it environmentally friendly and easy to both transport and dispose of safely.

There are numerous items, products and surfaces which can benefit from heat resistant coatings, enabling them to withstand high temperatures.

Refractakote by Arkote is a heat resistant powder coating system offering the following benefits:

  • Resistance to coating degradation;

  • High colour and surface sheer retention;

  • Corrosion protection;

  • Textured Finish to resist marking.

Heat resistant powder coatings can be applied on:

  • Exterior surfaces of outdoor barbecue grills

  • Fireplace stands;

  • Stoves;

  • Lighting fixtures;

  • Engine exhaust components and pipes;

  • Generators.