Arkote offer both automatic and manual powder coating application options, along with corona discharge equipment for the application of powered polyesters, epoxies and nylon (Rilsan). Hot application processes are used for thick and extremely smooth finishes.

We have the capacity for large batch processing of job lots and volume processing for repetition contracts.

Only the highest quality zinc epoxy primers are applied before top coating with a powder coat. We also administer specialised processes to minimise or eliminate galvanised out-gassing.

We comply with various powder coating standards and elements of standards, when specifically requested, and as per individual specified projects require conformance.

  • 2005 – AS 4506;

  • 2002 – AS NZS 3862 – External Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings.


We do quality checks on every job we process. We do this to maintain an extremely high industry leading quality standard so that we have confidence that the job we are doing for you will perform outstandingly well in its service life. Standart document of the cure test procedure by Arkote: Cure test procedure.pdf

 Powder coating colour charts:


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