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We specialise in the application of protective powder coatings. We use the finest top quality ingredients and processes, ensuring your expectations are met to the highest standards. All of our protective coatings, either metal or aluminium substrates can be coated in-house, for a variety of needs and levels. Defence, Industrial, Architectural or Ultra High Class.

Warranties are not an issue and can be arranged with the customer. QA test certificates and other relating forms are also available on request.

 Defence Coatings 

We have many years experience in defence coatings and are accredited to many specific defence companies. Some of our accredited coatings are:

  • NIRR coatings

  • CARC coatings

  • Camo patterns

  • Non-slip grit

  • Low sheen coatings

Conforming to:

  • MIL – T – 704

  • MIL – DTL – 16232

  • MIL – DTL – 53072

  • MIL – DTL – 5541

  Industrial Coatings  

Industrial coatings are generally zinc or epoxy primers with epoxy, polysiloxane and polyurethane top coats. These can be used for:

  • Tank linings

  • High build epoxies

  • Corrosion protection

The film builds vary depending on the product and the level of protection that is needed but can easily be applied at a dry film thickness exceeding 200 microns per coat.

These systems are extremely mechanical  damage resistant and can provide service for over twenty years. Arkote is more than competent and capable of applying these systems on a vast range of substrates.

  Architectural Coatings  

Architectural finishes are typically zinc or epoxy primers with a multi-coat polyurethane top coat. They are generally used on:

  • Light poles

  • Shade structures

  • Outdoor metal work

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Signage

  • Fencing

  • Balustrades

  • Stairways

These can be completed in a multitude of finishes, textures, colours, metallic and gloss levels to meet even the most demanding visual or aesthetic standards.

  Ultra High Class  

These protective coatings are highly sought after by customers in the medical, communications, audio-visual and electronics industries. The coatings meet a dust and defect free standard.

  • Dust free finish

  • Metallics

  • Textures

  • Varying gloss levels

  • Precision masking

  • High quality sanding, filling, linishing

These type of finishes are labour intensive, generally with a primer surfacer first coat and a multi-layer top coats consisting of a base colour coat and a clear finish.


These coating systems along with all the surface preparation that is required for high class finishes require a particular skill set and specific equipment to deliver a consistent finish in a volume production environment.

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