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4 Big Benefits Of Adding Arkote Coating Services To Your Production Line!

A quality finish is one of the most important considerations in manufacturing.

You want the quality of the finish on your product to be top-notch, to ensure the end product retains both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Using the right finishing solution is the best way to do this.

Arkote is focused on providing manufacturers with a high quality finish, fast turnarounds, taking total care & responsibility all the way through.

4 Big Benefits of adding Arkote Coating Services to Your Production Line


As you choose a finishing method for your products, one of the factors you look at is it's quality.

Arkote's quality powder coatings forms an extremely durable layer that protects your products from various types of damage such as corrosion, flaking, scratching and colour fading due to sun damage.

Fast Turnaround

Arkote has decades of experience in coatings applications, with premium quality products, carefully-controlled processes and the facilities to get the job done quickly. We take care of your logistics too with a pick up and drop off by Arkote. This will help your business to produce products faster than ever without spending too much effort and time.

Transport Care & Responsibility

Our professional team will collect your goods, bring it back to our facility, give it legendary Arkote treatment and return it in excellent condition to you. The liability is on us.

Environmentally Responsible

With Arkote surface coating services you can achieve the durable finishes with minimal impact for the environment. Compared to wet spray painting, powder coating is better for the planet and better for your production turnover times.


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