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At Arkote, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our services.

Through many years of experience and close relationships with key suppliers and industry technical authorities, Arkote can offer advice on alternate processes and products to help with:

  • Improved production turnarounds;

  • Longer life of substrates and or coating system performance;

  • Cost down on projects;

  • Increase environmental compliance and responsibility.

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Our skilled blasting team operates a dedicated enclosed and dust controlled blast chamber designed to handle a variety of shapes and sizes up to lengths of 10 metres and widths of 3 metres easily. Larger items can be processed, but take further planning

Arkote Coating Systems Kolorkote, Tuffkote, Endurakote, Ultrakote is known for its durability and longevity. Not only is resistant to corrosion and severe weather conditions, but it’s also highly resistant to scratching and chipping.

We specialise in the application of protective coatings. We use the finest top quality ingredients, ensuring your expectations are met to the highest standards.


All of our protective coatings, either metal or aluminium substrates can be coated in-house, for a variety of needs and levels; Defense, Industrial, Architectural or Ultra High Class.

Premium Equipment Protection for Ute Trays, Truck Trays, Trailers, Service Bodies, Tool Boxes, Barwork.  Super Tough, Durable, Long lasting & Easy to Clean. 

Grippakote  is an excellent non-slip coating that is extremely durable and long lasting finish. Ideal in many industries where non-slip surface features are required. 

Refractakote by Arkote heat resistant powder coatings protects surfaces exposed to prolonged temperatures that reach up to 550°C. Refractakote by Arkote is a high temperature powder coating that is silicone based and free from volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

Arkote offer both automatic and manual powder coating application options, along with corona discharge equipment for the application of powered polyesters, epoxies and nylon (Rilsan). Hot application processes are used for thick and extremely smooth finishes.

We have the capacity for large batch processing of job lots and volume processing for repetition contracts.

Only the highest quality zinc epoxy primers are applied before top coating with a powder coat.

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