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Advanced Coating Solutions for Infrastructure Applications

When choosing a finish for an infrastructure project, particularly an external project, it is important to ensure your metal panels, posts and other parts can withstand the elements, scuffing and regular traffic while retaining their desired appearance.

At Arkote we’re proud to offer you an extremely durable powder coating finishes for a variety infrastructure applications:

  • Posts

  • Balustrades

  • Railings

  • Cladding

  • Fencing

  • Signage

  • Carpark or safety bollards

  • Street or park furniture

We use the finest top-quality products and processes, ensuring your expectations are met to the highest standards.

5 Star Coating Systems

Our advanced coating systems are designed to deliver following benefits:

Evenness of the Finish

Powder coating involves applying powder electrostatically onto the metal before curing, which creates a dense, even finish. Powder bonds to the metal via an electrostatic charge and spreads evenly across the surface, preventing build ups or bare patches.

Corrosion Protection

Powder coating bonds effectively to the surface of the metal and is unlikely to peel away, keeping the metal inside protected from any exposure to elements which may corrode it. It’s a perfect solution for exterior applications such as street or park furniture, fencing, freeway barriers, and many more, where your metal may be affected by rain, moisture or salt spray depending on your location.

Arkote’s effective pre-treatment applications ensures your powder coating will bond properly to the metal beneath it and ensures it is not contaminated before powder coat finish is applied.

Colour Retention

Consistent exposure to UV light wears down pigments in paints and powder coatings alike. However, it will take far longer to wear down powder coating pigments.

Resistant to scuffing and scratching

Powder coated surfaces are resistant to scuffing and scratching and other such wear due to the bond created with the object during curing. This means that, in applications where a product is likely to be scuffed regularly, such as safety bollards or carpark fencing, a powder coating will stand up to higher levels of wear and tear.

Graffiti Resistant

Powder such as polyurethane have a dense pore structure, which means it is difficult for spray paint, inks and other finishes to take hold in the surface of the coating. This therefore protects powder coated fixtures such as park benches and signage from graffiti, keeping the finish visually appealing.

We Have You Sorted from Start to Finish!

Our services cover everything from start to finish. This includes the delivery of your completed goods to you for your convenience.

For a full-service surface coating partner – Arkote is the name to remember!

To enquire about Arkote’s superior powder coating services for your next infrastructure project, give us a call on (08) 8276 8811 or click on the button below to request a free quote online.


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