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Arkote | All About The Sandblasting & Priming

We decided to answer the most common question we get from customers about the Sandblasting and Priming.

Is a primer necessary under top coating and what’s the most important item of the successful coating?

The most important part of a successful coating system is to prepare the metal for priming and top coating. Surface preparation is a vital step to ensuring the quality and longevity of metal coatings. Without proper preparation, even the most advanced metal coating technologies will fail.

Great surface preparation using Sandblasting provides a great way to prepare surfaces for various coatings and sealants. The Sadblasting gets all dirt and contaminants off of the surface and creates a profiled surface for the next coatings to adhere to.

What about the priming?

Primer base coats are not always necessary, there are times when they are a good idea and would be recommended, but there are also times when they may not be recommended. There are certain powder types that would yield undesirable results when used with a primer base coat.

Conditions where a primer Epoxy or Zinc would be recommended are conditions where corrosion is more of a concern, such as harsh weather, coastal environments or other conditions of high humidity. The powders may be applied over bare metal substrates and yield good results, but a primer will add further protection to the metal substrate.

We recommend using primer treatment to industrial equipment and machinery, for structures with concerns for corrosion caused by salt, such as ships and shore protection structures.

Is Arkote accredited to apply Interpon Steelplex warranty system?

Yes, Arkote is accredited to apply a Steelplex warranty system for 3, 5 and 10 years for steel applications for corrosion protection, colour retention and film integrity.

Check out our dedicated customer service team member - Mitchell Comley video, to get all the answers!


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