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Do You Design Or Fabricate Structural Or Architectural Metal Work?

Do you design or fabricate structural or metal work? Let Arkote help you with your next project surface needs.


Metal fabrication is a vital industry that supports the world’s infrastructure and economy. Virtually every aspect of civilization benefits from some form of product fabricated from metal like carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Fabricated metal products are simply indispensable in today’s society, provided they’re properly finished.


Without proper metal finishing, exposed metals can tarnish and corrode. Unfinished parts fabricated from metal are weakened by ultraviolet light and rusted by rain. Metal fabricators learned long ago that properly finishing components is the key to product durability and longevity.

At Arkote, we're proud to offer you comprehensive Architectural & Structural metal coatings solutions. Our metal surface coating experts are here to ensure your products deliver beauty and performance that lasts.

  • High Durability;

  • Economy;

  • Diverse Range;

  • Eco - Friendly;

  • Colour Variety;

  • Corrosion Resistance;

  • Excellent Appearance;

  • Custom Colour Matching;

  • Consumer Recognition.



- Frameworks and building structures;

- Window frames and doors;

- Shade Structures;

- Signage;

- Facades and curtain walling;

- Louvres and shutters;

- Fencing and railing;

- Machines & components.

These can be completed in a multitude of finishes, textures, colours, metallics and gloss levels to meet even the most demanding visual or aesthetic standards.



  • Free Transport;

  • Fast Turnaround;

  • Boosted Eficiency;

  • Industry leading warranties;

  • Environmentaly friendly solution;

  • Excellent finish and longevity of performance.


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