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Extremely Durable Finishes For Safety Bollards & Posts

In parking lots and outside buildings, steel safety bollards & posts are often used to designate traffic routes and to provide protection against vehicle intrusion. These traffic bollards are an effective tool for protecting pedestrians and property.

In the photo: Arkote Completed Safety Bollards project.

Large - scale outdoor installations require significant investment: to be cost - effective, each piece of the installation must stand up to long- term. Less performing products can result in unexpected financial losses. Selecting durable finishes for your products is a smart move. Especially in South Australia where the weather swings from heat to stormy winds and rain through the year.

Surface Finish Selection

At Arkote we're proud to offer you high performance surface coating solutions. We are experts in delivering outstanding quality and long-term performance of the surface coatings.

In the Photo: Blasted Safety Posts Ready for Top Coating.

When selecting a site-appropriate finish, you have to balance costs against maintenance and service life requirements. A cheap finish will require frequent upkeep and have a shorter service life.

At Arkote we use the finest top quality products and processes, ensuring your expectations are met to the highest standards. So that means that the higher quality surface finish is less expensive over the long term.

In The Photo: Safety Posts in the Process of Top Coating

Arkote Coating Systems Durability

Arkote recently received a large quantity, safety posts. These posts were top coated with a Tuffkote by Arkote quality coating system. This system provides a thick, uniform coating with superior corrosion resistance.

Key Benefits of Tuffkote by Arkote Coating System:

  • An Excellent exterior appearance;

  • High Durability and Longevity of Performance;

  • Superior Protection Against Corrosion;

  • UV and Colour Stability.

We provide high volume B2B surface coating services. Give us a call on (08) 8276 8811 or request a free quote online:


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