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Highest Quality Finishes For Steel Light Poles

Prevent Damage & Maintain Appearance on Your Steel Light Poles with Arkote Quality Coating Services!

The outdoor performance brings a variety of elements into play that break down a coating. Exposure to UV light, wind, rain, temperature fluctuations and chemicals are known to be the common cause of wear and tear among the coating.

Arkote's quality powder coating is an excellent option for all types of steel & metal components including the light poles. Powder-coated steel poles are more resistant to moisture, chemicals, corrosion, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions.

At Arkote we use innovative systems, carefully-controlled processes and premium quality ingredients ensuring your expectations of durability & visual aesthetic standards are met!

The Main Benefits

Durability. Powder coating provides one of the strongest, long-lasting & colour- durable finishes available. It’s a tough, even, protective coating with no drips, sags, runs, or solvent popping. Plus, it’s more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading.

Aesthetics. Powder coating comes in a variety of colours and options, including customized finishes, textures, metallics and gloss levels. We use only leading powder manufacturers such as Interpon, Jotun, Dulux, Oxytech powder coatings.

Minimal Environmental Impact. Compared to traditional liquid finishes containing chemical solvents that release volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the environment, powder coating emits nearly zero VOC and results in zero hazardous waste.

Trust Arkote for All Your Coating Needs!

Do you manufacture steel light poles? Looking for reliable and high quality surface coating provider? Let Arkote take care of your next project surface coating needs! We provide beginning-to-end high quality powder coating services on high-volume orders from businesses. We take care of everything from picking up your goods, giving legendary Arkote treatment to packaging and delivering your order when we’ve finished. Total care and responsibility all the way trough.


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