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Improve Your Business With Arkote Surface Coating Solutions!

Arkote Surface Coating Solutions offers real benefits that increase profits, make products more desirable and improves product performance.

The manufacturer, the distributor and the end-user all benefit from the value of Arkote surface coating. For the manufacturer, the benefits are the outstanding value of service & quality. This value improves profitability for the manufacturer and gives their distributors a competitive advantage. The customer gets the benefit of receiving an item that has a premium quality finish that is fit for purpose.

Key Advantages of Using Arkote Surface Coating Solutions For Your Business

In the Photo: Arkote Completed Projects.

Our Coating Solutions is a Sustainable Option for Various Industries.

Boosted Efficiency

Businesses have been looking for help for how to produce products without consuming a lot of time and energy. At Arkote we proud to offer you total responsibility of your goods, outstanding finish, free transport, large oven capabilities and fast turnaround. This will help your business to produce products faster than ever without spending too much effort and time.

Arkote has you covered and insured! Our professional team will collect and deliver your goods in excellent condition to you for FREE!

Environmentally Friendly

With Arkote surface coating solutions you can achieve the durable finishes with minimal impact for the environment. Our entire surface coating services are designed to maintain compliance with all environmental regulations.

Aesthetically Variation

At Arkote we offer a wide variety of standard colours from leading powder manufacturers such as Interpon, Jotun, Dulux and Oxytech powder coatings. Specialty colours, finishes, custom colour manufacturing and other powder manufacturer's products are also available to meet even the most demanding visual or aesthetic standards.


While the upfront costs of powder coating are more expensive than they are with liquid paint, the long-term costs of powder coating are much more reasonable. A cheap finish will require frequent upkeep and have a shorter service life. With Arkote quality coating systems your products will typically thrive for decades and decades.

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