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Arkote | Answers to most common questions about Powder Coating

Why does Powder Coat gloss and colour sometimes fade quickly? 

This is most commonly due to under cure of the powder coat film and therefore the incomplete film integrity leading to poor performance.

Why does Powder Coat chip and flake off easily ?

Powder coating chip and flakes off, because of poor surface preparation prior to the powder coating process. If there are any oils or contaminants on the metal that aren’t cleaned off thoroughly, the powder coating is almost guaranteed to chip or flake off.

Can I get any colour I want in Powder Coat?

There are a lot of standard colours in powder coat, but every colour needs to be formulated and have a small trial batch made to ensure it meets the individual colour requirements. This means that small runs of colour are comparatively expensive and take a few weeks to produce. A huge amount of colours can be made, but the high gloss, metallics and really bright colours are not unlimited in options.

Will powder coat last 10 years or more?

This hihgly depends on the process used for the surface preparation and the primer coats and the ultimate quality of the topcoat. Want to know more about Arkote warranties?


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