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Moving Ahead With Sustainable Packaging Of Your Goods

We are moving ahead with sustainable packaging of your goods for transport. We are committed to environmentally sustainable practices in our business to help reduce impact on the environment.

We invested in high – quality, safe, efficient and sustainable packaging.

Moving Blankets Pallets Wood Crates

We are trying to move away from throwing away:

  • Plastic wrapping

  • Carpet

  • Cellaire foam

  • Cardboard

The benefits of Arkote packaging

1. Better care and less damage to your parts.

2. Minimizes and eliminates wasteful and expensive, one-use disposable packaging materials.

3. Saves time, cost in packaging and transport.

4. The better option for the environment.

We have you sorted from start to finish!

This includes picking up your goods, giving legendary Arkote treatment, packaging and delivering your completed goods back to you for your convenience.

Contact us today to discuss your next project surface coating needs!


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