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The Gold Standard In Architectural And Structural Metal Surface Coating Services

Do You Design Or Fabricate Structural Or Architectural Metal Work? Looking for a surface coating system that looks outstanding, lasts a long time and causes minimal environmental impact during manufacture? With so many ways to treat and finish metal products, it can be hard to choose which method is best for your project. At Arkote, we’re proud to offer you comprehensive Architectural & Structural Metal Coatings Solutions.

Our metal surface coatings experts are here to ensure your products deliver beauty and performance that lasts.

Arkote Team Photo

The Benefits of Arkote High Performance Coating Systems for Architects, Manufacturers and Fabricators

Choice and Colour Variety – We can top coat your chosen features in just about any colours, finishes, textures, metallics and gloss levels to meet even the most demanding visual or aesthetic standards.

High Durability – Powder coating is best known for its durability and longevity. It protects your metal from corrosion and other hazards that the elements can throw at it, because powder coating is resistant to chipping and cracking.

Environmental compliance – Our powders offer durability that benefits the environment over the long term. While wet spray paint creates hazardous pollutants and often chips away, requiring additional resources for touch ups, our powder coating is a lasting and extremely tough finish.

Arkote Completed Projects

Unlimited Applications

  • Frameworks and building structures;

  • Window frames and doors;

  • Shade structures;

  • Signage;

  • Facades and curtain walling;

  • Louvres and shutters;

  • Fencing and railing;

  • Machines & Components.

Arkote Recently completed project

We were responsible for quality surface coating system on sliding gates and fence panels. For this project we used Tuffkote by Arkote coating system which provides high durability, excellent appearance, reasonable level of resistance to light abuse & damage.


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