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Tired Of Searching Reliable and High Quality Surface Coating Service Provider?

Let Arkote take care of your next project surface coating needs!

In the photo: In the process of top coating Shade Structures.


Without proper metal finishing, after several years, dust, water, air and imperfections can ruin metal in various ways. Untreated exposed metals may be eroded by salts in the air. They can even be weakened by UV light or rain washing over them can cause rusting to occur.

Metal fabricators learned long ago that properly finished components is the key to product durability and longevity.

Liquid paint or wet spray was used in the early days of metal finishing, but this proved to be time-consuming, unreliable, and produced poor results. In the 1960s, researchers developed and perfected the procedure of powder coating. It took the metal fabrication industry by storm, revolutionising the finishing procedure.


At Arkote we specialise in the application of high quality surface coatings. We use the finest top quality ingredients, ensuring your expectations are met to the highest visual or aesthetic standards.

Arkote quality surface coating systems can withstand harsh elements like:

  • UV Lighting;

  • Corrosion;

  • Heavy abuse with minimal damage;

  • Chemicals of which are known to be the common cause of wear and tear among the coating.

Our surface coating processes are much faster than liquid paint or wet spray, that means better turnover times for your production.

Recently completed Shade Structures by Arkote. For this project we used Endurakote™ by Arkote quality surface coating system.

Click on this video below to find out more about Arkote Surface Coating Solutions!

Talk to our experts now! Give us a call on (08) 8276 8811 or Request A Free Quote Online!


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