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Tired Of Surface Coating Issues? Innovate With Arkote!

Looking for a surface coating system that LOOKS OUTSTANDING, LASTS A LONG TIME AND CAUSES MINIMAL IMPACT DURING MANUFACTURE? Improve the properties of architectural metal while minimizing the environmental impact with ARKOTE HIGH - PERFORMANCE SURFACE COATINGS SOLUTIONS!

Our performance surface coatings meet the most stringent product requirements, making them the go-to choice in situations where failure must be prevented.

Come rain, hail or shine, and extremes of heat and UV, Arkote surface coating services deliver : A LIFE - TIME PERFORMANCE.


Unlimited Applications

- Frameworks and building structures; - Window frames and doors; - Shades structures; - Signage; - Facades and curtain walling; - Louvres and shutters; - Fencing and railing; - Machines & Components.

These can be completed in a multitude of finishes, textures, colours, metallics and gloss levels to meet even the most demanding visual or aesthetic standards.​


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