We were approached by the Adelaide Entertainment Centre as they had a Large Quantity of Structural Aluminium arriving in 40ft Containers from Germany for a complex, unique and precision Structure. 


The Entire Structure needed a 20 Year Warranty coating system. Each Prefabricated section was Uniquely marked and we were required to deliver in erection and construction sequence. As there were many 100’s of components this was quite a conquest. Receive, Unload and Store Containers, Sorting components to plans provided by Client & Tracking thru our Multi-Stage process Facility. 


Packaging appropriately to minimise Labour and Damages. Close contact with Project Managers both at Arkote & On site to Co-Ordinate Structured Timely Deliveries. 


Our Client Received a High Quality Coating System which had the full 20 year Warranty. Engineering and Architectural Requirements and material deliveries were successfully delivered with demand.