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Arkote Advanced Coating Services For Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers

Are You Frustrated of Agricultural Equipment Surface Coating Issues? Prolong the Lifecycle with Arkote Advanced Coating Services!

With Arkote advanced surface coating solutions, today’s farm equipment manufacturers can achieve durable, high-quality, cost-effective finishes on a range of substrates.

Powder Coating vs Spray Painting

There are many options on how to paint your equipment. You can spray paint your equipment, however, some areas will have a thicker coat than others, and there can be overrun that can create unsightly blemishes on the finished product. If the coat is uneven, paint can even chip, crack and scrape away to expose the bare surface to the elements.

Powder coating provides more than just a paint job that won’t chip. It's providing safety to your farm equipment. Powder coating, unlike simple spray painting or oil based high alkyd enamels, protects your farm equipment from rusting, which is all too important for equipment that will have to battle the elements.

Arkote Agricultural Surface Coating Solutions

We specialize in high quality surface coatings for farming equipment. We understand how important it is to increase the longevity and protection of your agricultural equipment.

Our exceptional agricultural surface coating solutions are aimed to address various abuses which your machines might face such as:

  • Wear & Tear;

  • Chipping & Scratching;

  • Chemical attacks,

  • Stains & Environmental damage;

  • Australian Sun;

  • UV & Temperature fluctuations.

Benefits of Our Teachnology:

Our technologies are engineered to deliver following benefits:

  • Compliance with OEM specifications;

  • Quick colour and gloss customization;

  • Vastly improves equipment aesthetics;

  • Super easy to clean;

  • Our products are designed increase the efficiency of production on the farm.

Arkote Oven Capabilities

No matter how large your equipment is, Arkote can handle it, as we have a very large oven — one of the biggest in the region of South Australia.

We also offer free pick up and delivery of your goods!

Contact us today on (08) 8276 8811 or get free quote online!


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